Thursday, 31 July 2008

Joell Ortiz Blogs on Being Dropped

From J.Ortiz' Blog:

"It really fascinates me how much feeling people put into a word. I starting thinking a lot about the word “dropped” recently. A few months ago after my former label mate Bishop Lamont told an interviewer I was, ”dropped” from Aftermath. Very shortly after his interview the news of my being “dropped” was all over the net, announced on the radio and even ended up on the evening news in Puerto Rico. People I hadn’t heard from in years called to express condolences after they heard I got, “dropped”.

A few people in my Mom’s building even taped notes on her door to express there grief over my getting “dropped”. My mom has stood by me throughout my struggle to get a record deal and she is really protective of me so that word “dropped” affected her a lot. She called me crying when she heard I got, “dropped”

I explained to her that I asked to be released and not “dropped” but she kept asking me, “Why are doing this to you” I told her no one was doing anything to me but that word,”dropped” had a grip on her. She is cool now but it was hard talking to her during that time. All cause of a word. I’ve attached two conversations about me where people are using the word ”dropped”. You can hear the emotions and the acting out that goes on around the word."

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