Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Prefix Mag Interviews RZA

Ten years ago, when you first introduced the world to Bobby Digital, things were very different. Now that the world has actually turned digital, where does Bobby fit in?

He fits in perfect. He’s been trying to tell us about all this, and now here it is. It’s a perfect opportunity to relaunch the character through my music but also through comic books, video games, and we’re planning a feature film in the future. Digi Snax is the reopening of the character. Before, he was ahead of his time. Now he’s right on time.

I always thought the story of Bobby Digital would make a wicked comic book. Are you seriously considering it?

That’s what we’re doing now. We got a comic book coming. When you get the new album, you get a little taste of the artwork and the villains that I’ve created around the character. The Birds of Prey are after him, the main villain being the Raven. You also got the Hawk, the Vulture, the Eagle and the Crane. We have them incorporated inside the artwork of the album, as well. They’re also mentioned in the music, but you gotta listen closely.

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